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Location, Infrastructure, and History

The Las Minas mining region has been active for centuries. Malachite staining in the white marble cliffs would have been obvious to the earliest observers. Documentation and ruins of mining facilities and former town-sites remain from the early 1800’s. Despite the long history, modern exploration only dates back a decade. Source Exploration initiated diamond drilling in the region in 2011, and the first geophysical surveys in 2012.

The Las Minas project is located 16 km from a high-speed toll highway and rail corridor at Cruz Blanca junction, which by road is another 240km east of Mexico City and 150km west of the port city of Veracruz. The town of Perote (pop. ~35,000) is 10 km from Cruz Blanca and has most supplies and services available. Las Minas village, with 600 inhabitants, supplies plentiful local labour.

Within the resource area, there is a small hydroelectric facility supplied by steel penstock tubes from a reservoir several hundred metres up the ridge. Rural roads provide access to much of the claim area. There is abundant water in the creeks 12 months a year which is free to use. Almost all the land on the claim is privately owned rather than being part of the ejido system and there has been no trouble with surface access. The company owns the land over and above the Santa Cruz deposit.

Though topography is steep in the surroundings of Las Minas, extensive mining has been carried out throughout some of the most challenging areas. At present, all of the targets being investigated offer very easy access, being on level ground near roads. The total relief on the project is just under 800m.

At an altitude of 1400m, Las Minas has a temperate climate, with summer maximum temperatures of 28°C and winter minimums of 4°. The rainy season from June through September is not intense, with stiff showers possible in the late afternoons and over nights. Most exploration activities can be accomplished 12 months a year.

Mexican Gold maintains a friendly, constructive relationship with the local inhabitants and town councils.  The company makes regular donations to local schools and town facilities. During exploration programs, Mexican Gold is the town’s largest employer and our employees are proud to be a part of the excitement surrounding the potential revival of the mining traditions of the region.

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