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Las Minas - Overview

Mexican Gold Mining Corp. controls the entire core of the once-famous Las Minas historic mining district. The canyons of Las Minas (‘mines’ in Spanish) were renowned for their rich copper-gold skarn and vein gold deposits. Applying modern mineral exploration and mining methods in historic mining districts has been a recipe for multiple successes in the two decades since Mexico began opening up to foreign investment. Vast volumes of material which could never have been found, accessed or economically mined with small scale mining opertaions are now mined as high-grade ore throughout the country. This is the model that Mexican Gold Mining well-positioned to develop. The Las Minas project presently has two gold-copper deposits in advanced-stage exploration, and multiple high-quality, exploration targets. The project area features complete infrastructure, a highly prospective package of regional geology to allow for years of expansion opportunities, a local community enthusiastic for economic development.

The village of Las Minas is within kilometers of a high-speed road and rail corridor. It is 250 road kms from Mexico City and 160kms from the Gulf port of Veracruz. The local area features a small hydro-electric facility, good roads, abundant water and a highly collaborative local labour pool. The project is fully permitted for drilling and up to date for federal and state environmental requirements.

The gold-copper-magnetite skarn deposits being defined by Mexican Gold are extensions of significant historic mines which once supported the region. As such, both deposits (known for generations as El Dorado and Santa Cruz) are accessible from surface. The form and grade of this mineralization is continuous and well-understood. Metallurgical work has outlined excellent metal recoveries from flotation only, without any requirement for cyanidation processing. Many historic mines in the district remain to be investigated and initial exploration at several locations shows very similar mineralization to the better-known deposits.

Some typical drill results from Las Minas:

 Santa Cruz Zone

  • 3.57 g/t Au Eq over 99.0 metres in LM-14-SC-08, including
    • 7.42 g/t Au Eq over 39.0 metres , including
      • 24.11 g/t Au Eq over 9.60 metres
  • 2.24 g/t Au Eq over 87.0 metres in LM-14-SC-07 , including
    • 3.13 g/t Au Eq over 49.0 metres, including
      • 4.36 g/t Au Eq over 25.0 metres
  • 3.00 g/t Au Eq over 29.0 metres in LM-14-SC- 09 , including
    • 5.00 g/t Au Eq over 15.0 metres
  • 1.90 g/t Au Eq over 77.0 metres in LM-14-SC-10, including
    • 5.1 g/t over 19.0 metres, including
      • 6.2 g/t over 15.0 metres

El Dorado Zone

  • 1.55 g/t Au Eq over 42.5 metres in LM-14-JB-01
  • 4.45 g/t Au Eq over 6.0 metres in LM-14-JB-02 Upper Zone including
  • 12.67 g/t Au Eq over 2.0 metres, and
  • 2.34 g/t Au Eq over 20.1 metres LM-14-JB-02 Lower Zone, including
  • 3.10 g/t Au Eq over 15.1 metres
  • 1.82 g/t Au Eq over 10.0 metres in LM-14-JB-04

Diamond Drill Hole LM-14-SC-08
Diamond Drill Hole LM-14-SC-08

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